More about THORPE PARK

Three decades of thrills

THORPE PARK is built on the site of a quarry once owned by Ready Mix Concrete. With the quarry's closure in the early 1970s, the company decided to fill in the site and create a leisure park. In practice, the landfill idea quickly proved too big and too costly, so instead they filled the quarry with water to make Thorpe Park an island.

The park was opened in 1979 by Louis Mountbatten. Over the following two decades, a succession of ever-more spectacular rides transformed it into a magnet for extreme thrill-seekers everywhere, a position it maintains to this day.

THORPE PARK holds a number of records for its rides. These include:

  • Colossus remains the world's first rollercoaster to feature 10 inversions.
  • Stealth is Europe's highest and fastest launch rollercoaster. Blasting you from 0 - 80mph in 2.3 seconds and up to a height of 205ft.
  • X-No Way Out is the world's only backwards in-the-dark roller coaster.
  • Nemesis Inferno holds the record for the longest pre-lift hill section of any B&M inverted coaster and is also the only ride of its type to feature inter-locking corkscrews.
  • Loggers Leap is the tallest log flume in the UK.
  • Rush is the world's first S&S Giant Speed Swing.
  • Slammer is the first Sky Swat in Europe

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