Aidan Godwin

Ride Operator (permanent)

"When I first started at THORPE PARK I was really nervous and shy - I kept myself very much to myself. The job really helped me to come out of my shell and overcome my personal fears, such as talking to a large group of people. After my first season in 2000, I was invited to come back, and I have been coming back ever since on seasonal contracts. Last year I became a permanent ride operator, which means I now work all year round.

"I joined because I really wanted a change. I was working in the stockroom at Boots the Chemist, and I wanted to be outside in a younger environment. I rightly imagined that it would be hard but fun - but the best thing is that it's also a perfect chance to meet new people and make new friends.

A full day 

"Every day I arrive half an hour before the rest of the staff, and work closely with the ride managers on the day's staff allocations for different rides. I brief the rest of the team, then during the day I will operate rides, ensuring the area runs smoothly and that all the staff get their breaks. I also train staff on different rides.

"The team is friendly and fun to be involved with. Of course there are challenges, but it's a good working atmosphere and everyone supports each other. It's never an effort to come into work; it's something to look forward to.

Making someone's day that bit more special 

"The best thing about the job is talking and working with the general public, when they actually show interest in you and what you do. I think that what we do can have a very big impact on the customers. And if I can do something that helps to make someone's day even more special, then it's well worth the effort."

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