Nicole Clatworthy

Head of Commercial (permanent)

"I started in January 2001 as a Food & Beverages Unit Manager, becoming Department Manager in 2002 as the commercial function grew. In 2005 I was made Head of Commercial, with responsibility for looking after Retail, Photography and Food & Beverage. 

"At the time I applied I worked for a small firm, and I liked the idea of working for a large company, in a fun environment with good prospects. I imagined there'd be lots of get-up-and-go, with lots happening all the time.

Not so scary 

"I had my interview at Chessington World of Adventures and got a really good feeling that I wanted to be part of the fun. I thought that all the courses I could take would turn me into a rounded manager, which is exactly what happened. When you first join it all seems quite big and scary - a bit like your first day at school - but people are very supportive and you're soon having a great time. It's a fantastic environment.

"My job has a big impact on the guests' experience. I'm responsible for deciding stock in the shops, the food offerings in the catering units - all the things that our guests will utilise during their day.

"I mostly work on strategic commercial decisions, aimed at ensuring that my team is delivering on the shop floor within Retail, Food & Beverages, and Photography areas of the business. I visit them daily to see if I can help with anything.

Delivering the best for our guests 

"I work with such a variety of people: there's all the hosts, my boss the General Manager, various different suppliers and also my counterparts at other attractions. My team is hugely competitive - even amongst themselves! - but in a friendly way, and the guests benefit from this.

"Working here is hard work, but incredibly rewarding. In fact, the culture and people are the most rewarding parts of the job. Everyone here is always keen to get each other motivated and smiling. Every day is different - I can walk out of my office and be in the centre of the most fun place to work ever. And whatever I've worked on, I have only ever received support at every turn, from right across the group. That's something I'd never come across before. 

"My team interacts with the guests all day long, and I am really proud of so many things that they achieve. We are making more money in all areas and therefore contributing more profit to the business. Our mystery guest scores are the best across the group - it's great to know that what we deliver has such a positive effect."

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