Our Process

So what happens next?

Stage 1 – Apply!

Our straightforward online application system means you can submit an application quickly and easily, and for our permanent and more specialised roles you are also able to attach a copy of your CV.

We will acknowledge receipt of your application via email, and you will usually hear from us again within 14 days. Our preferred methods of communication are via email and telephone, so please ensure your contact details are entered correctly with your application, and that you check your email accounts regularly!

Stage 2 – Inspire Us!

If your application has been shortlisted you will more than likely be invited to attend an Assessment Centre held at THORPE PARK. All our fixed term roles are recruited through our Assessment Centres, although our specialist, management and many permanent roles may involve an individual interview instead.

Assessment Centres

For all our fixed-term employees and many permanent roles, our selection decisions are based on how an individual performs in one of our Assessment Centres. Our business succeeds through communication and interaction, not only between our front-line employees and our guests, but also between departments and individuals within the business.

We therefore 'use' a recruitment method that allows candidates to actually demonstrate the key skills that we are looking for through an interactive process.

What To Expect

Our Assessment Centres are designed to be fun, help you relax, and therefore to give you the best opportunity to actually demonstrate your strengths and skills.

The main part of our Assessment Centres will be group-based, and you will be taking part in tasks and exercises along with other applicants.

For certain roles, you may also be asked to complete a short individual exercise, for example those interested in commercial roles will be asked to complete a numeracy test,.

You complete the Assessment Centre with an individual interview, which gives you a further opportunity to tell us about your skills.

Our only advice is for you to be yourself, relax and enjoy yourself, and most importantly get involved!

What To Bring

* Documents proving your eligibility to work in the UK

You need to bring documents with you to the Assessment Centre that show you are eligible to work in the UK. This applies to all applicants, regardless of nationality. To view a full list of appropriate documentation please click here.

If you do not have these documents with you on the day, then we cannot allow you to continue with the recruitment process.

* Standards of dress

Please dress in a way that shows us that you are serious about giving a great impression to our Guests!

Stage 3 – The Outcome

You will usually know the outcome of your application within 10 to 14 days of attending an interview or Assessment Centre, and we will usually communicate via email or telephone.

Good Luck!

Administration, support and professional recruitment

Office-based and professional roles are not subject to the assessment process. Instead, all successful first-stage applicants will be invited to attend an initial interview.

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