Behind the scenes

It takes a lot to create the ultimate customer experience, and there is as much going on behind the scenes as there is on the park itself!

Just like other companies, THORPE PARK has Human Resources, Marketing, Health and Safety, Finance, and Administrative functions. The majority of our business roles are on a permanent basis, and combine challenge and variety with fantastic scope to progress your career in one of the most exciting environments there is. Where else can you open your office door on any given day and see thousands of people having the time of their lives?

We also offer a number of behind-the-scenes roles that are crucial in keeping the park running smoothly. To keep over 1,000 staff looking good everyday, our Staff Facilities & Reception function provides the uniforms and morning greetings to start everyone's day off the right way! Our Commercial Business Support department manages our warehousing and stock-ordering operation, to ensure that our park commercial teams always have the right products at the right times. Finally, our Cash Office is an essential element in our operation; administering the huge amounts of cash our park generates each day.

But just because you are working behind the scenes, don't think that you are not part of the fun that's going on outside. An operation of our size only works when we pull together, so you are just as much part of the action as those on the front line. You may not be dealing with the public, but you will enjoy working in an organisation where we treat each other as well as we treat our paying guests!

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